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Are you an illustrator? Do you dream of turning your artworks into stories for children?

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Using your drawing skills to create narratives for children is a hugely rewarding experience. Knowing that readers are learning through your illustrations and growing as people via your designs is a fantastic feeling.

But maybe you don’t know how to break into the world of children’s illustration. Maybe you believe you won’t be able to earn money doing what you love. In actual fact, there are lots of different ways you can start a career as a Children’s Book Illustrator, which is exactly what this 3-day workshop will show you.

The world of children’s illustration is growing by the day and expanding into new areas with every new release. Do you want to become a part of the movement and have your illustrations on bookshelves around the world?

Led by experienced illustrators, this workshop will take you through everything you need to know to set up your career as a children’s book illustrator.

What this workshop covers:

– The different entry points into book illustration
– How to build your portfolio
– How to develop a style so you stand out
– How to build a network
– How to secure your very first book deal

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Meet the Instructors:

David Litchfield is an illustrator from Bedfordshire in the U.K. He is represented by The Bright Agency. David first started to draw when he was very young, creating Star Wars and Indiana Jones ‘mash up’ comics for his older brother and sister. Since then David’s work has appeared in magazines, newspapers, books and on T-shirts. He has also exhibited his illustrations in both solo and group shows in the U.K, Europe and America. David’s first picture book ‘The Bear & The Piano’ (published by Frances Lincoln) is out now.

Leo Hartas is a well-known and highly regarded illustrator, skilled in both traditional and computer-generated techniques. He is the co-author of The Art of Game Worlds and the author of numerous bestselling children’s books. Hartas also creates digital imagery for computer games, video animation, and TV programs. Leo’s artistic career includes book illustration, theatrical design, 3D digital modelling, university lecturing and TV animation. His work for DK Publishing, The Apartment Book and Haunted Castle, are children’s classics that have been in print in over a dozen countries.

Stephanie Fizer Coleman is an illustrator, designer.. After seriously studying ballet and getting her BA in History, she found her true passion in illustrating and has been working as a freelance illustrator since 2008. Her client list includes Chronicle Books, Zuzee, MFT Stamps, Santoro, Galison/Mudpuppy, Up With Paper, The Art Group, Crocodile Creek, and Moxie Interactive.

The Schedule:

Session One: Finding a path to Getting Published , with Leo Hartas

Children’s book illustrators enter the industry in a number of different ways – no two journeys are the same. In this introductory session, you’ll learn how Leo Hartas built his career as an illustrator and will give you new perspective on the many different career paths available to children’s book illustrators.

This session will explore:

– Getting started as a children’s book illustrator
– Different ways to monetize your talents as a children’s book illustrator
– Diversifying your income & landing new projects

Session Two: Building Your Portfolio

Developing a compelling portfolio is the first step to building a successful career as a children’s book illustrator. Stephanie Fizer Coleman built her illustration career from scratch, and her portfolio now includes the likes of Chronicle books, Zuzee, MFT Stamps, The Art Group, Santoro, Galison/Mudpuppy, Up With Paper, Crocodile Creek, and Moxie Interactive. In this session, you’ll get an insight look into how Stephanie started her career and you’ll learn the steps it takes to create a compelling portfolio.

This session will explore:

– Finding and contacting publishers
– Using personal projects to build client interest
– Building a top-notch portfolio from scratch

Session Three: Securing Your First Book Deal, with David Litchfield

The children’s book industry is one of the most competitive markets for illustrators. To stand out, it’s essential that you develop a unique style and build a network. In this session, David Litchfield will show you how he secured his very first book deal and give you strategies for landing your own.

This session will explore:

– Honing your style & building your portfolio
– Pitching ideas & writing a proposal
– Finding an agent & getting published

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This three-day live online workshop will give you access to:

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Each session includes a daily lesson packed with resources to help you put everything you learn into action.

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How does it work?

How does it work? You will get a downloadble PDF that will give you access to all of workshop content. This on-demand workshop includes access to three recorded sessions with our instructor Each session includes an hour-long video, downloadble worksheets and other free resources. You will also get access to an exclusive facebook group which will connect you with 200+ artists who are building the same type of business as you are.

What if I don’t like the workshop?

We want everyone to leave 100% happy. Let us know if you are not totally satisfied with the workshop, and we will give you a complete refund.

Who’s this workshop for?

This workshop is for creatives who want to build a business around their passion.

Who created this workshop?

This course was created by David Litchfield, Leo Hartas, and Stephanie Fizer Coleman-Grant in partnership with Modern Thrive.

What if I’m just starting out?

This workshop was designed for creatives at all levels. This workshop will help you find the path to building a business around your passion. (regardless of where you are in the journey)

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