Publishing Paths for Illustrators
with Kate Woodrow

We will explore the different ways illustrators can get their work published

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Create your art & share it with the world.

Are you an artist or illustrator who dreams of seeing your designs in print? Do you have an amazing book idea but have no clue how to get it published?

Publishers are eager for visual content, but few artists know how to pitch their work in a way that’s compelling to acquisition editors.

This (3) three-day workshop will show you how to:

– Package your work into an idea publishers will love
– Find the right publisher for your book
– Navigate the publishing world as an artist

We will explore the different ways illustrators can get their work published. Kate will unpack how the publishing models function—financially, legally, and logistically. Together, we’ll figure out what model might be best for you, how to come up with commercial ideas and craft an appealing proposal, and how to connect with the right publisher.

Meet Kate:

Kate Woodrow is a literary agent and creative consultant based in Oakland, California. Kate was previously a senior acquisitions editor at renowned independent book publisher Chronicle Books, where she worked for 10 years and developed more than 300 illustrated books and gift products. She specializes in collaborating with illustrators, authors, and other wonderfully creative people to nurture a seed of an idea into commercially compelling books and gift products.

Some of her authors include Lisa Congdon, Mary Kate McDevitt, Molly Hatch, Mr. Boddington’s Studio, Julia Rothman, and Jessica Hische. In 2015, Kate founded her own agency and creative consultancy, Present Perfect Dept., a place where good ideas get great–and get published or otherwise launched into the world for others to appreciate.

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The Schedule:

Session One – Discover the Right Publishing Path for Your Artwork

There are lots of different ways that artists can work with publishers. You may be able to publish a book full of your illustrations or sign a contract to create spot art based on the publisher’s needs. You need to know what types of publishing deals are available, and if they match up with your goals as an artist. This session will explore the benefits of getting your work published and help you find the path that makes sense for your art and personality.

+ Learn the benefits of publishing
+ Understand the different ways an artist can be hired by a publisher
+ Discover how to choose a legitimate publisher whose vision meshes with your own

Session Two – Get Your Proposal Pitch Perfect

Once you know how you would like to work with a publisher, you need to craft a compelling pitch. Your pitch is what convinces the publisher to work with you, so it needs to really stand out. Although your work may normally speak for itself, you need to be its greatest champion, by writing exciting proposals that capture a discerning editor’s attention.This session will show you how to make your proposal pitch perfect, so that you can close the publishing deal of your dreams.

+ Develop a compelling illustrated book idea
+ Find out what publishers are looking for
+ Craft a proposal that appeals to acquisition editors

Session Three – Get Connected and Get Published

Networking is not typically an artist’s favorite pastime, but building an audience eager to enjoy your art is an essential part of publishing today. Publishers love working with artists who already have an established audience, so promoting yourself right away on social media is one way to improve your chances of getting published. This session will give you some strategies for building that network in an authentic way that feels natural to you. We’ll also explore ways to connect with the publisher of your dreams and whether or not hiring an agent is a good move for you.

+ Find your audience
+ Navigate social media
+ Connect with the right publisher and/or literary agent

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How does it work?

You will get a downloadble PDF that will give you access to all of workshop content. This on-demand workshop includes access to three recorded sessions with Kate. Each session includes an hour-long video, downloadble worksheets and other free resources.

Don’t worry if you are unable to join the workshop live. All of the content is recorded and packaged into a downloadble PDF that you can work through at your own pace.

What if I don’t like the workshop?

We want everyone to leave 100% happy. Let us know if you are not totally satisfied with the workshop, and we will give you a complete refund.

Who’s this workshop for?

This workshop is for artists & illustrators who would like to get their work published into a book gift product.

Who created this workshop?

This course was created by Kate Woodrow in partnership with Modern Thrive. Kate was an editor at Chronicle Books for 10 years before launching her own consulting business and literary agency. Kate has helped hundreds of artists and writers get their books published.

What if I’m just starting out?

This workshop was designed to help both professional and aspiring artists quickly navigate the publishing industry and find the best path to getting their work published.

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