Starting Your Career as an Artist

Learn how to build a career as a professional artist.

The live workshop will take place March 8th-11th. Each session will start at 7pm CST. Don’t worry if you can’t join live. You’ll have lifetime access to all of the content once you register. Find your time zone here.

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You love creating artwork. You think you are pretty good at it, and you are ready to turn it into a full-time career. Where do you start?

Starting your career as an artist can be overwhelming and incredibly lonely.

You will spend the first few of years of your career finding your voice as an artist, building a portfolio and learning how to sell your artwork.

This workshop will guide you through the process of building your career as an artist, and give actionable steps you can take to make it happen.

We’ve brought together three professional artists to mentor you through the process of starting your career as an artist, and connect you to a community of other artists.

This workshop will cover:

– Why daily practice is essential for artists
– Experimentation, risks, and play
– Collecting ideas and inspiration
– Finding your artistic voice

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About the instructors:

Nikki Cade is a Dallas area based artist, living and working in Plano, TX. She works primarily in mixed-media on canvas and unconventional surfaces. She is the founder of The Creative Brunch Series, a local brunch and creative workshop series to foster community and skill sharing. She writes a blog called Travelogue, where she interviews  other artists and creative entrepreneurs,  and shares her thoughts and ideas about creative topics. Nikki was recently featured on Design*Sponge and is currently preparing for a new release of fine art globes. Instagram




Creative Ingrid is a London-based illustrator and watercolor artist who studied Information Design in Mexico and received her Masters in Publishing in Barcelona. An avid yoga practitioner and instructor, Sanchez seamlessly combines mindfulness and art. Her projects include: distinctive watercolor images, logos and branding, and illustrations for blogs and print publications. Website | Instagram | Facebook



Jennifer Ou is a landscape painting artist whose work is based on her careful observation of the natural world. Based in Norfolk, Virginia, Ou started painting at a young age and derives inspiration from travel and getting a sense of place that she then applies to her oil paintings. Website | Instagram | Facebook



The Schedule:

The live workshop will take place Month 8th-11th. Each session will start at 7pm CST. Don’t worry if you can’t join live. You’ll have lifetime access to all of the content once you register.

Find your time zone here.

Session One – Creating Your Practice with Nikki Cade

This one-hour session will cover the everyday practices and principles that provide the foundation for a serious artistic practice and building a professional body of work. Led by abstract painter Nikki Cade, you’ll learn how to develop disciplined daily practices, take risks, and create space to hold your ideas and inspiration.

We will cover:

– Self-discipline and daily practice
– Experimentation and developing your skills
– Managing Your Time and Selling Your Work

Session Two – Finding Your Niche with CreativeIngrid

This hour-long session covers finding your specialties as an artist. Led by professional illustrator and watercolor artist Ingrid Sanchez, aka “CreativeIngrid,” you’ll learn how to find your artistic voice, the ins and outs of sharing your work online, and establishing your brand.

We will cover:

– Finding your voice as an artist
– Sharing your work online
– Building a brand around your work

Session Three – Selling Your Art with Jennifer Ou

This hour-long session will teach you how to sell your art. Led by landscape artist Jennifer Ou, you’ll learn how and why you should build an audience and how to market and sell to them online.

We will cover:

– Building an audience
– Marketing your artwork
– Selling Art Online

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This three-day live online workshop will give you access to:

3 Interactive Sessions

Each workshop sessions is hosted via live-streamed video. You will get the opportunity to interact directly with your instructor, connect with like-minded professionals and get your questions answered in real time.

3 Daily Email Lessons

Each live session will include a daily email lesson packed with resources to help you put everything you learned into action.

Comprehensive workbook

All of the content is packaged into a downloadable comprehensive workbook that will give you lifetime access to the recorded workshop content.

How does it work?

You will get a welcome email with information on how to access your live workshop upon registering. The program includes access to three interactive sessions. Each session includes an hour-long live streamed video with our instructor, an interactive chatroom, where you can connect with other participants, and daily emails packed with resources to help you put what you learned into action.

Don’t worry if you are unable to join the workshop live. All of the content is recorded and packaged into a downloadable PDF that you can work through at your own

What if I don’t like the workshop?

We want everyone to leave 100% happy. Let us know if you are not totally satisfied with the workshop, and we will give you a complete refund.

Who’s this workshop for?

This workshop is for creatives who want to build a business around their passion.

Who created this workshop?

This course was created by the Instructors above in partnership with Modern Thrive.

What if I’m just starting out?

This workshop was designed for creatives at all levels. This workshop will help you find the path to building a business around your passion. (regardless of where you are in the journey)

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