Online Business Accelerator

A Six-Week Intensive Online Training Program for Creative Business Owners.

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Learn How to Build a Successful Online Business

Running your own business can exciting, challenging and sometimes…completely overwhelming.

There are a million different paths you can take to building a successful business. How do you know which path is right for you? How do you decide where to focus your time? How do you know that your idea will work?  Don’t you wish there was an online business school that walked you through each step of building a profitable online business? Well now there is!

Everything You Need to Build a Profitable Creative Business Online

Our six week interactive video-based online training program is designed to help you build a successful online business.  The Modern Thrive Online Business Accelerator will begin on May 22nd. New modules will be released every Monday. The entire program is based online so you can participate from the comfort of your home or office.

You’ll also be able to ask questions, get feedback and connect with like-minded creatives. Plan to spend 6-8 hours completing each module, but don’t worry about falling behind! We know that life is busy. That is why all of the course materials are recorded and you get lifetime access to the content.

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We will help you craft a plan to reach your goals.


– Weekly Assignments –
A collection of easy-to-follow worksheets, daily assignments and additional resources. Delivered every Monday at 9am CST.

– Live Video Lessons –
An hour-long live video lesson covering the topics in that module will be hosted every Sunday at 7pm CST.

– Community Mentoring Sessions –
Get all of your questions answered during our community mentoring sessions every Weds at 7pm CST.

– Open Office Hours –
Get one-on-one coaching for your business! Open office hours will be hosted every Thursday from 3pm-7pmCST

– Direct Feedback –
Get direct feedback on your work! All assignments submitted by Friday at 6pm CST will be reviewed by the instructor.

You have considered starting an online business but has no idea where to start. We will walk you through each step of starting a successful business, and provide the resources you need to get started.

You currently run an online business, but feel stuck taking it to the next level.  We will provide you with new strategies for your business, and give you space to reevaluate the business you are building and make sure its the best path.

You are running an offline business and struggling to leverage online channels. We will show you how to take your business online in a away that will impact your bottom line.

You will walk away with a solid business plan, a vision board, core branding materials, a story around your business, a functioning website, a collection of sell-able products & services, a clear marketing plan, social media marketing calendar, working email marketing systems, and a handful of new customers.

Module One – Find Your Path
Week of May 22nd
Understand your unique personality type, clarify your long-term goals and craft a plan for building a career you love.

Module Two – Design a Plan
Week of May 29th
Find a profitable business idea, identify your ideal customer, and create a plan for reaching your personal income goals.

Module Three – Develop Your Platform
Week of June 4th
Define your mission,  craft a story around your business, create a brand strategy and start building a platform for your business.

Module Four – Package Your Work
Week of June 12th
Package your skills into sell-able services, design a new line of products,  and price your work so you can meet your income goals.

Module Five – Set Up Shop
Week of June 19th
Set up working website, create an online shop, optimize your site for sales, and develop a social media strategy for your business.

Module Six – Start Making Sales
Week of June 26th
Create sales funnels, create a process for finding customers, develop systems for managing your sales and grow your business.

Sign up now | $197

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