Find Your Creative Voice

Develop your style and uncover your authentic creative voice.

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Are you feeling stuck creatively? Are you struggling to identify your unique artistic style? Do you wish someone could guide you through the process of finding your creative voice?


This self-paced online course will help you let go of self-judgement and provide the tools you need to develop your style and uncover your authentic creative voice.

This online workshop was designed to give artists an opportunity to develop their skills, explore new mediums and uncover their authentic creative voice. Whether you are just starting out in a creative field or are more advanced, this process will give you the tools you need to embrace your unique creative voice. You will learn practical, hands on techniques using collage, drawing, writing and painting in a process that brings you through an entire project from inspiration to completion. This course is all about giving yourself freedom to play and explore your unique artistic self.


·        Experiment with various mediums and styles such as watercolor pencils, pens and collage
·        Move past fear and into play through fun exercises that will help you loosen up and encourage your inner artist
·        Learn a creative process that will teach you how to create an entire project from inspiration to completion
·        Using your sketchbook as a guide, you will begin to see your own style emerge through observing what naturally draws you to creative flow
·        Gain confidence to keep a creative practice that will enrich your life


Sign up now | $99

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What People are Saying

 From the very first class I discovered parts of myself that I didn’t know and I was immediately intrigued and wanted to do more. – Marshae 

“I feel empowered to explore and create in ways I never have before. This is an entire identity shift.” -Blake

This class created the time for me to listen to my inner-voice. I was able to be creative using innovative tools. – Christie 

How does it work?

·        10+ professionally shot videos filmed in my Seattle studio

·        6 modules, each with at least 2 creative exercises

·        Downloadable PDF’s for each exercise, allowing you to keep up with the creative challenges and journal questions

·        Unlimited access to all videos and resources

·        3 Special Pinterest bonus videos and exercises – How to use Pintrest to activate your creativity!

·        Work at your own pace

·        Practical basic art theory lesson