Working with Art Directors


Working with Art Directors

Learn how to approach Art Directors and manage projects in a way that will land you more work.

The live workshop will take place April 17th-19th. Each session will start at 2pm CST. Don’t worry if you can’t join live. You’ll have lifetime access to all of the content once you register. Find your time zone here.

Are you an artist, illustrator or designer interested in building a freelance career? The key to finding freelance work as an independent creative is learning how to effectively work with Art Directors.

An art director is the person in charge of hiring artist and designers who produce images for television, film, live performances, advertisements, or video games. They determine the overall style or tone desired for each project and find the creative talent they need to bring their vision to live. Your ability to present your work, manage project and meet deadlines will determine how much work you are offered.

Every creative must learn how to approach Art Directors and effectively present their work if they want to build a sustainable career.

This three-day live online workshop will be taught by an Art Director who has spent twenty-five years navigating the industry.  You will get an inside look at how Art Directors hire creative talent, and learn how to present yourself in a way that will land you more work.

This workshop will cover:

  • Working with Art Directors
  • Finding the best market for selling your work
  • Developing Your Portfolio
  • Pitching Art Directors and landing projects


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