Starting Your Career as an Artist


Learn how to build a career as a professional artist.

The live workshop will take place Month 8th-11th. Each session will start at 7pm CST. Don’t worry if you can’t join live. You’ll have lifetime access to all of the content once you register.

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Have you always dreamed of building a career around your art? Have you bought into the myth of the starving artist, assuming it simply isn’t lucrative to pursue art full-time, or even on the side? And yet, professional artists like Emily McDowell, Katie Daisy, and Wendy Piersall are thriving all around you; how is that possible, and what does it take to perform at their level? If you’ve been asking questions like this, then this is the workshop for you.  

While building a career and mastering any craft doesn’t happen overnight, this workshop will outline what’s possible for modern career artists. We’ve brought together three professional artists to teach you everything you need to know to go from amateur to pro with your art.

This workshop will cover:

  • Why daily practice is essential for artists
  • Experimentation, risks, and play
  • Collecting ideas and inspiration
  • Finding your artistic voice
  • Sharing and selling your work online
  • Building an audience
  • Branding

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