150+ media outlets that regularly hire freelance editorial illustrators for their publications, and a guide to pitching Art Directors !

One of the most lucrative ways for freelance illustrators to make money is through Editorial Illustration. Editorial Illustrators creates illustrations for magazines and newspapers. The reason that this can be such a lucrative market is that the publications have new work on a weekly or monthly business. Getting one editorial illustration job can lead to on-going work throughout the year.

This guide will give you access to a list of 150+ media outlets that regularly hire freelance illustrators, and guide you through the process of pitching Art Directors in a way that will land you more work.  Our easy-to-follow ebook is perfect for new illustrators trying to get their foot in the door, and seasoned illustrators looking for new clients.


You will receive:

  • A list of media outlets that regularly hire illustrators
  • Websites and mailing address for each publication
  • A guide to pitching your work to Art Directors
  • An email template for pitching Art Directors
  • A checklist for pitching Art Directors