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Cassie Boorn

Cassie is the Visionary behind Modern Thrive, an online platform designed to help you figure out what you want to do with your life. For the past 5 years she has been a writer and entrepreneur, managing online marketing programs for some of the worlds largest brands. Cassie is passionate about connecting the right people together to help them make amazing things happen.

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Erin Wetzel
Creative Director

Erin uses her work to connect with people and add meaning, beauty and truth to their lives. She is the creative fire that keeps Modern Thrive going. She is also an artist, and she uses her paintings to inspire others to see eternal beauty in everyday moments. She is fueled by a deep passion for each project she has dedicated her heart to, whether it is homeschooling her daughter, struggling to keep her garden alive, or weeding through words to capture her thoughts in her writing.

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Liz Sabo
Marketing Coordinator

Liz is the creative architect and fiber artist behind the original line of handcrafted bags found at For Liz, handcrafting is about more than just selling items; it’s about connecting people. She is invigorated by the connection that makers have with those who buy their creations. In her mind, the extra dedication and imagination poured into handmade wares stitches people together in a tangible and meaningful way. In addition to building her own business from the ground up, Liz is also a creative consultant who assists in managing other businesses.

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Gary Robinson
Graphic designer / Webmaster

Gary is the webmaster for the Modern Thrive online platforms. Adept at handling complex challenges, he is an expert at visualizing where the design is headed and tireless in making it a reality. Gary also runs the freelance design studio The Bearded Designer to provide high quality graphic design services as well as his affordable logo design company. He is passionate about making great design accessible to the masses and providing exceptional hands-on service.

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