Modern Thrive was designed to help you figure out what you should do with your life, then help you find the path to get there. We provide practical education for today’s professionals through career coaching, workshops and free resources. Our goal is not to give you all of the answers, but to connect you with the people who might have them.
Each of our instructors are hand-picked and our workshops are developed with you in mind. We understand that you want to do something big with your career, but that something has to be fulfilling as well. We want to help you find the career path that is going to give you the best life.
How can I get involved?
We have created three ways for you to get involved in the modern thrive community: take a workshop, get coaching or sign up for our free stuff.
We look forward to seeing you on the other side!
What is a workshop?
Each live workshop includes (3) hour-long live video sessions with our expert instructors, (3) daily email lessons and a workbook to help you put what you learned into action. Our on-demand courses include all of this content in a recorded format. We intentionally keep the class sizes small so you are able to really connect with the presenters and get advice on your specific obstacles.
How does the coaching work?
Our coaching is a free service that connects you with a coach or expert who can help you solve your problem. If you have specific questions about your career search, submit them on our coaching page. We will handle each of these inquiries for free. In response to your request, we will either answer your question directly or send you links to resources that address your needs. We may also introduce you to a career counselling professional appropriate for your specific field, but it is up to you if you want to contract their services.
What free stuff can I get access to?
When you sign up for our newsletter, you will get access to all of our free webinars, ebooks and exclusive resources that we save just for our subscribers. Sign up here.
Who are Modern Thrive teachers?
Each of our instructors was hand chosen by our team because they have done something totally interesting with their career, and have something of value to add to the discussion. Each workshop features a different instructor with a totally different background, so you are sure to find someone who is doing something you can connect with.
How can I become a Modern Thrive instructor?
We are always on the lookout for interesting instructors to host workshops. Email your workshop idea and a link to your website to modernthrive@gmail.com